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Jaci completed graduate school with honors at the age of 22, joined the NYC corporate workforce after a six month internship in the middle east, and quickly became the youngest female director in a digital product design studio - all while getting certified in yoga, teaching 5:30am classes before the work day started, and re-awakening her quantum and spiritual self.

She went on to study energetic nutrition, sound and vibrational therapy, emotion release therapy and aroma-acupoint therapy with the intention of offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Now with 10+ years in the energy restoration, nutrition, and spiritual guidance field, Jaci offers a practical approach to modern spirituality + wellness for those looking to follow the same path.


the full healing crew:






“my purpose is to help as many people as possible. You deserve to feel your best.”

jaci’s trainings and certifications:


Spiritual Teachers

Caroline Myss - Medical Intuition, Human Nature, Divine Nature (seminar format)
Jim Curtan - Personal Spiritual Director 
Benjamin Fox (& Lorie Dechar) of A New Possibility - Astrological Forces, The Alchemy of Healing 
MaryGrace Ohearn - Akashic Records, Past Lives, Mentorship in Medium Connections 
Dr. Amy McLaughlin - Sacred Connections
Dr. Norm Shealy - Medical Intuition, & Personal Healing of Past Live Trauma
Jerry Wills - Plant Medicine Guide in Peru (Ayahuasca & San Pedro)

Body & Energy Balancing

Essential Oil Certification - Aromahead Institute
Aroma Acupoint Therapy - Christine Nichols
Energy Mismatch Methodologies - Jane Thurnell-Read, Life Work Potential
Energetic Nutrition - Dr. Alicia Armitstead
Emotion Code
Vibrational Resonance Healing
Reiki level I & II, 2012

Physical Movement & Training

Yoga 200 RYT, 2012
Yoga 200 ERYT, 2014
Ball Rolling Technique, Fascia, 2014
Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level I), 2015
Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level II), 2015

Plant Medicine

San Pedro
Flower essence + essential oils


BA - Literature, Texas, cum laude 
MA - International Communication, Australia, with Honors
Degree - Graphic Design, NYC
Life Coaching I & II - NYU


a note from jaci

“This is me. A medium and highly skilled intuitive that took a deep dive into energetic nutrition and body balancing methodology. A former journalist turned business strategist that left it all to explore wellness + spirituality and spread what I’ve learned in both my research and my practice. My purpose is to help as many people as possible feel their best, most connected selves. Thanks for following along.”