about coffee & chats

BEST FOR: Existing Clients who have committed to a program of Spiritual Direction

DURATION: 50 minutes

ABOUT: Coffee n’ Chats are spiritual mentorship sessions where your spiritual & emotional growth are at the forefront of all instruction. These sessions are exclusively for existing clients, meaning you’ve had an initial consultation with Jaci and have agreed to a program together. Monthly spaces are limited. Please confirm with Jaci prior to booking. Coffee n’ chats come in packs of five and can be conducted via call or Skype.


Jocelyn’s experience: “My Coffee and Chat sessions with Jaci immediately made a huge impact on my spiritual growth as a person and as a developing medium. Jaci is trustworthy, relaxed, and confident, and naturally created a safe space for me to open up. Her reassuring presence and that of her spirit guides offered me freely the boost I've need to take the next steps on my journey to help myself and others. The residual effects of the sessions have been healing, enlightening, and exciting as well! I feel deeply rooted in her work and highly recommend working with her at any stage of spiritual development.”

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