why is it called ‘Connections’?

This work is all about connections - connecting to how you feel, who you are, what your heart desires, others, the greater field. We’re all interconnected and we begin to find real inner peace when we realize that and work with our connection to self and to others.

is jaci psychic?

She won’t readily claim the title “psychic” or “medium”, though Jaci’s intuitive abilities are used during sessions, which she shares with clients. If this is outside of your comfort zone, Connections with Jaci is not the highest and best wellness support for you, and that’s okay!

is jaci available to reach after a session if something come up?

Yes, Jaci offers phone, text, or email support for the first few days after your session for any questions that may come up.

why no drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before

Mind altering substances interfere with the greater field for Jaci when she connects before your session. She can still work with you, but things will be fuzzy. We want to make the most of your time by creating space for the strongest connection!

will one session be enough?

Many clients experience significant shifts from just one session, both in person and via Skype!

any other questions?

Please feel free to send any other questions via email or the contact form!