tongue scraper

I use this every morning and every night, three times down the middle of the tongue and three times on each side, just like my Ayurvedic healer instructed in 2010. And I’ve been doing it everyday since.

The Chopra Center: “Since the oral cavity is one of the main gateways between your mind/body and the environment, maintaining the health of this connection is critical to general well-being.”

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air purifier

I read every consumer review I could get my hands on, and ultimately settled for the Rabbit Air Purifier because of consistently high reviews, filtration abilities, auto-sensor, and how quietly it runs.

Home Air Guides: “The air inside our home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside.”

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water filter

Spirit Coach Jaci Pearse

I chose the Berkey because of the additional fluoride filter and the fact that for an individual filling the system roughly once per day, the filters only need to be replaced yearly. Plus there’s no installation and it can be moved around as needed.

Scientific American: The Environmental Working Group analysis of 20 million tap water quality tests found a total of 316 contaminants -- including industrial solvents, weed killers, refrigerants and the rocket fuel component perchlorate.

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