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Medium Reiki Energy Healer

“If we do this well, you won’t need me. That’s my goal in this work - to help you realize they are just as connected as me. You are capable of profound intuitive shifts, strong energetic connection, and incredible transformation. And I’m here for you until you get there.” - Jaci


ONLINE Sessions & Calls:

BEST FOR: Anyone looking to connect to the unseen world, including passed relatives, spirit guides, or beyond. Read more about Skype sessions/calls

DURATION: 60 minutes

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BEST FOR: Existing clients who have committed to a program of Spiritual Direction. Read more about Coffee n’ Chats

DURATION: 50 minutes

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courses & Resources:

spiritual wellness

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in doing the self work to integrate deeper spiritual healings, as well as learn Jaci’s methods for connecting to the other side. Read more about courses & view all available courses and workshops.

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Spiritual Coach Jaci Pearse

Connections with Jaci Podcast - a series of interviews with other healers, listener’s Q&A’s, Jaci stories and teachings from the deceased and her guides, and more!

Book reviews - Jaci shares books that you can read to help enhance your own connection, who she thinks they’re best for, and why she believes they are important.

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