I started working with Jaci over two and a half years ago after with the goal to be so good no one would ever leave me again; her first lesson was that I’d be okay if they did.  

When I started with Jaci I wasn’t well - my doctors had suggested moving out of NYC to somewhere where I would do less walking because my joint pain was so bad, my stomach always hurting - I had a lot of digestive problems, and my cardiologist didn’t think I was well enough to workout.

First Jaci got me off foods that my body couldn’t handle - it wasn’t a cookie cutter approach it was specific to my body - and then she put me on natural whole food supplement to support my body.  Next we worked on many aspects that prevented me from having healthy relationships and she helped me establish a deeper and truer sense of self acceptance and confidence.   

We worked through my belifes in a God, loss of loved ones, childhood traumas, previous abusive relationships, sexual assault & rape, heartbreaks, rejection, the fear of not bing enough, and dating in the modern world.

She helped me to recognize and correct my bad habits that prevented me from being spritiually, physically and financially well.

Today I know the importance of saying no - even when it is uncomfortable.  I am in much better shape, I do crossfit and yoga regularly I am very aware of what I’m putting into my body and really enjoy taking care of body as well as my mind.  I’m financially in a much more stable place and it feels like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I know that I can handle anything that comes my way.  And maybe best of all I am in a long term healthy relationship with a very kind man that I love.  I am so grateful for Jaci’s support, encouragement, love and no BS attitude, she has helped me in more ways than she knows. 

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Jaci Pearse