Jaci is incredible. I could not recommend her highly enough. In short my connection to her and all that I have learnt from her has completely changed my life. In more detail, this is how it happened:

Initially I reached out to Jaci to get spiritual direction as I was really struggling with my career and my body. I felt completely lost and as a result, my health, relationships, finances and body were suffering. In that session Jaci connected with my brother Richard who died in 2011. I had told her nothing about his death or the circumstances around it and I didn't expect him to come up in the session at all.

Through that connection Jaci allowed me to open up about everything. It started the ball rolling on forgiving myself on the past and as a result I could stop sabotaging myself in the present. From there, Jaci offered practical and honest guidance about my life and the choices I was making which were blocking me from being who I needed to be and where I needed to be. This openness and honesty have led me to opportunities I didn't think were possible.

Jaci is so special and if you have the courage to address your life from a whole and full perspective, she will bring to you the opportunity for you to change it for the better. I didn't believe what Jaci could do was possible until I felt and saw it for myself. I could not recommend her highly enough. - Jane. E

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Jaci Pearse