When I first met with Jaci, I was in New York for an in person energetic session. I was feeling tired and generally lack-luster. Jaci amazingly pin pointed and picked up symptoms (that the multiple doctors hadn’t), as well as a grief that was set deeply in my body. After just an hour with Jaci, I felt so much better.

I wanted to continue working with Jaci from Australia, and Jaci was happy to. So we began to work together remotely, over Skype. Jaci had no problem with picking things up previously unspoken of, as though I was on her table in New York City. Each time we connected, she would pin point past hurts, blocks and unhealthy mind-chatter habits and each time it would not only improve my overall spiritual healing but my body physically, mental health and emotion health had vastly improved. Not only that, but she shared her tools so that I can apply them on myself, to continue to heal deeply.  - T. Holland

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Jaci Pearse