I'm absolutely a completely different person than when I first walked through Jaci's door two years ago, and its all because of the work we've done together. I can't imagine where I would be right now if I had never been introduced to Jaci. She opened a new arena for me and my life. She's the coach in your corner but she's so real and won't sugar coat anything for you, which is refreshing because we have plenty of people doing this for us in our lives. Jaci won't call herself a psychic but she has a way of seeing things that you don't share with her. Instead of just talking at you, she gives you practical, take home tactics so that you leave the session with tools that will radically change your life. She really stresses the self work and application of her teachings and what comes in during sessions to manifest lasting effects. She's magic, but also so real, down to earth, and loving. - Catherine T.

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Jaci Pearse