When I first started seeing Jaci, I was morbidly obese - over 400lbs. While I had surgery to help with the weight loss, the emotional barriers and hurdles that came along with it weren’t something that could be surgically fixed. Jaci helped me to see different pathways of thinking and coping with the emotions I used to stifle with food.
Shortly after my weight loss journey began I was diagnosed with cancer that resulted in infertility. The rollercoaster of that whole process was almost too much to bear, but Jaci was there with me to help guide me through what I would call the most difficult time of my life. She never tried to “fix” me but instead provided me with the tools and support to overcome the depression and anxiety myself along with a Higher Power.
I still have sessions with Jaci and have progressed into her mentoring program to further develop my empathic abilities to help others as well. The accountability she offers keeps me on track, always bettering and healing myself. - Sam D.

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Jaci Pearse