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“Jaci is in the top 5-6% of all psychics I’ve met. And I’ve met with thousands.” 


“Jaci is in the top 5-6% of psychics I’ve met, and I’ve met with thousands. I’m so deeply involved in this community. She works within the same energy realm as the late Ingo Swann, and can really learn and share a lot from his teachings. Her abilities are profound. If I needed to refer someone to a medium, I’d send them to Jaci.” - Jerry Wills


“She's the coach in your corner but she's so real and won't sugar coat anything for you”


I'm absolutely a completely different person than when I first walked through Jaci's door two years ago, and its all because of the work we've done together. I can't imagine where I would be right now if I had never been introduced to Jaci. She opened a new arena for me and my life. She's the coach in your corner but she's so real and won't sugar coat anything for you, which is refreshing because we have plenty of people doing this for us in our lives. Jaci won't call herself a psychic but she has a way of seeing things that you don't share with her. Instead of just talking at you, she gives you practical, take home tactics so that you leave the session with tools that will radically change your life. She really stresses the self work and application of her teachings and what comes in during sessions to manifest lasting effects. She's magic, but also so real, down to earth, and loving. - Catherine T.


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“Jaci offered practical and honest guidance about my life and the choices I was making which were blocking me from being who I needed to be and where I needed to be”


 "I wasn't sure what to expect when I first met with Jaci, but no way could I have ever anticipated the intensity and depth of my experiences with her, the knowledge and guidance she brought to my life, and the healing which has resulted. She (seemingly) naturally and with ease guided me into and through connections with subconscious and karmic forces and lessons, all while being comforting and supportive, but honest and nudging me forward on my path. Jaci remains one of the people whom I trust the most for guidance and intuitive feedback in my life, a dear friend and guide." - Tom Y.


“Who would have thought my spiritual growth would be the answer?”


“I have worked with Jaci over the past year and a half and it's safe to say that I will continue to get on her calendar indefinitely. I was struggling with sleeplessness and refused to go down the pharmaceutical route. I started seeing Jaci when other modalities weren't working. Who would have thought my spiritual growth would be the answer?

I quickly began to improve as we started our work together. She went above and beyond for me from the beginning. I never felt alone as she was always available to contact outside of sessions, and I always felt hopeful when leaving a session.

I continue to work with Jaci because she continues to help me to grow and improve in every facet of my life. And as a healer myself, my work with Jaci has become a top priority in my life.”

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“An incredible advisor and healer”

“Jaci is such an incredible advisor and healer...across a wide variety of subjects ranging all the way from career coaching to wellness & health to communicating with the other side! In the span of just a few hours, Jaci helped me figure out which allergens I may have negative reactions to, helped me with workplace negotiation tactics, and established a genuine (really!) connection with my diseased grandfather. I mean really, where else can you get that! She successfully uses the various tools at her disposal to help you in any way that you need... it's very impressive. Can't recommend her highly enough! Six stars.” Jeremy S.