"I wasn't sure what to expect when I first met with Jaci, but no way could I have ever anticipated the intensity and depth of my experiences with her, the knowledge and guidance she brought to my life, and the healing which has resulted. She (seemingly) naturally and with ease guided me into and through connections with subconscious and karmic forces and lessons, all while being comforting and supportive, but honest and nudging me forward on my path. Jaci remains one of the people whom I trust the most for guidance and intuitive feedback in my life, a dear friend and guide."


Catherine T, NYC

I'm absolutely a completely different person than when I first walked through Jaci's door two years ago, and its all because of the work we've done together. I can't imagine where I would be right now if I had never been introduced to Jaci. She opened a new arena for me and my life. She's the coach in your corner but she's so real and won't sugar coat anything for you, which is refreshing because we have plenty of people doing this for us in our lives. Jaci won't call herself a psychic but she has a way of seeing things that you don't share with her. Instead of just talking at you, she gives you practical, take home tactics so that you leave the session with tools that will radically change your life. She really stresses the self work and application of her teachings and what comes in during sessions to manifest lasting effects. She's magic, but also so real, down to earth, and loving.


I'm so grateful Jaci was introduced to me, she is simply wonderful. As someone who wasn't very educated about mediumism, I was somewhat skeptic about my first reading - especially being over the phone, with that said, I instantly felt comfortable and at ease once we jumped on FaceTime. Her demeanor is welcoming and calming - felt like we were in the same room. Once the session started, she began with a health issue in my family and I immediately had this trust in what we were doing. The conversation flowed and flew by, she would tap into things I need to develop myself personally, which I felt I knew previously but she showed me other layers to help develop self-awareness and get me to the place I truly want to be. She's a great educator, communicator and I felt she was connected. I can't wait for my next session, definitely will be referring her to friends and family.

Mandy C, Los Angeles


Laura P, NYC

"Through Jaci, I was able to receive a message from my mother which resolved a decade+ long painful internal conflict I was experiencing. Gaining this new level of peace from a session was beyond my expectations of what could happen in connecting with the spirit world. Jaci is kind, grounded, clear, loving and compassionate - the perfect combination to guide me through my experience."


Jane E, Melbourne Australia

"Initially I reached out to Jaci to get spiritual direction as I was really struggling with my career and my body. I felt completely lost and as a result, my health, relationships, finances and body were suffering. In that session Jaci connected with my brother Richard who died in 2011. I had told her nothing about his death or the circumstances around it and I didn't expect him to come up in the session at all.

Through that connection Jaci allowed me to open up about everything. It started the ball rolling on forgiving myself on the past and as a result I could stop sabotaging myself in the present. From there, Jaci offered practical and honest guidance about my life and the choices I was making which were blocking me from being who I needed to be and where I needed to be. This openness and honesty have led me to opportunities I didn't think were possible.

Jaci is so special and if you have the courage to address your life from a whole and full perspective, she will bring to you the opportunity for you to change it for the better.  I didn't believe what Jaci could do was possible until I felt and saw it for myself. I could not recommend her highly enough."


Damali, NYC

"While I was totally open to the session, I was incredibly nervous about the process and what would come up.  The moment I met Jaci, ALL of my angst dissipated!  The environment is so soothing and Jaci is a straight shooter.  She delivered the information in the exact way I needed to hear it.  She was clear, direct and compassionate!"


Jim, Denver, Co

"There's nothing fake or canned about it. You are real and authentic -- so human and down-to-earth (maybe a weird thing to say about a medium)."


Sam D, TX

"When I went to Connections with Jaci, I had the mindset that I was going to prove her wrong - that muscle testing was fake. I spent every ounce of energy I had focused on not moving my arm; however, it didn't work. I was wrong. There were medical problems that I knew I had going into it that tested weak. So did several other things. There were times I put all my force behind my muscles, and she could move them with one finger and no effort. To be honest, I was mad that I couldn't prove it wrong. I am now a believer and would recommend it to anyone, especially the ones who doubt that it works."