On the Connections Podcast with Jaci Pearse, you are your own best healer. You are your highest teacher. You are intuitive and you can directly connect to the unseen world. You may just need help remembering the way. Medium & Psychic Intuitive Jaci Pearse shares her insights and tools for modern wellness, spirituality, connection to the unseen, and beyond. She's direct, no-nonsense, and offers practical guidance to strengthen your intuition and bring a healing connection into your life.





The number one episode is “An Introduction to Jaci” where Jaci shares her path to becoming a medium + psychic intuitive. Most popular after that are:

1) Types of Love - The ancient Greek language has seven words for love. Russian language has anywhere from six to ten descriptive words for blue - and studies indicate Russian speakers recognize more shades of blue! If we learn to notice many types of love, can we enhance the amount of love we feel in our lives? Jaci discusses this topic and the seven types of love we may be overlooking. Listen now.

2) Fun vs. Joy - Conversations about the difference between what's fun to do, and then what actually brings us joy. Eating french fries IS FUN. But joy is made up of all the steps we take towards the true callings of our hearts, fun or not. Listen now.

3) Chinese Five Spirits & Five Elements - Guest Christine Nichols, an Alchemical Acupuncturist, introduces the Chinese Five Spirit & Five Elements medical psychology, and how we can all begin to understand this method as it applies to our own inner work. Listen now.

4) Comparison of Pain & Unworthiness in Healing - Discussing the tendency we have to compare our pain to others, and to negate our worthiness of healing. The notion that what we're going through isn't bad enough. Listen now.

5) Peru, Plant Medicine & Aliens in the Jungle - Jaci shares her experience with ayahuasca, a voyage to the jungle with an alien, the spectrum of plant medicine, and more! This episode goes there. Listen Now.


listener reviews

Direct, intuitive, insightful
“Love this podcast! Jaci has some of the strongest intuition I’ve ever witnessed and her ability to convey that in podcast form is a true gift. People go through years of schooling with the hopes of embodying the wisdom/spiritual knowing that Jaci has naturally. If you’re a human with any sort of interest in the human experience, this podcast is worth a listen. Whether you’re in the healing profession or are hoping to understand your own behavioral patterns better, you should be listening to what Jaci has to offer.”

So happy to find  
”This podcast is so down to earth, practical, and makes the content easy to digest. I’m learning about topics I didn’t even know I wanted to learn about. It’s simple but also SO deep. Jaci is personable but it’s true, she won’t pull a punch. It’s the kind of instruction and love and need.”

Get real to heal
This podcast is an amazing resource for anyone interested in the intricacies of life, honestly. Jaci is brilliant and shares her insights as a reiki healer and medium, as well as personal experiences and hard pressed scientific research. I'm learning a ton from listening to her podcast episodes about how to understand myself better and how to navigate life in a more thoughtful, conscious, authentic and intentional way. I appreciate her no BS approach where she doesn't present any fluff and keeps it super real in a very direct, yet somehow very loving way. Awesome podcast.”

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