Connections with Jaci 01: An Intro to Jaci


Jaci discusses her background from early childhood to her current practice, and the path she took to become an Intuitive + Psychic Medium. She shares her approach to modern wellness and how she works with others enhance their own intuitive abilities, connection to the Field, and overall health.

Episode 01 highlights:

  • the creature that taught Jaci how to tie her shoe

  • how nutrition & getting sober reawakened her dormant abilities in her early 20’s

  • non-verbal information transfers while instructing yoga

  • Jaci’s first experience connecting to a passed spirit in her adult life

  • the methods Jaci studied to incorporate energy and body work with her intuitive and medium abilities

  • what it really means to be intuitive

  • first liking ourselves, then loving ourselves

  • Jaci’s objective for having the podcast and tools she offers


Jaci Pearse