Connections with Jaci 10: August 2019 Q&A With Jaci


Jaci answers three questions from listeners:
1) Why is it easier to avoid painful feelings (even when we know they are holding us back) than to take them on?
2) How do I choose an energy teacher or healer to work with?
3) When Jaci is working with guides, is she talking to her own or to the client's?

Podcast notes:

  • When we’re facing overwhelming emotions - ask yourself: is this life threatening? Or is this just ego threatening?

  • How admitting the truth of our emotions is actually the key to moving through them. Honesty is the key.

  • Referrals are one of the best ways to find a reliable healer. Then research their background, trainings, and any interviews or content they have created. Read and watch, then ask how you feel in their energy?

  • Jaci speaks about guides and connecting to them

Jaci Pearse