Connections with Jaci 08: Chinese Five Spirits & Five Elements, Guest Christine Nichols


Guest Christine Nichols, an Alchemical Acupuncturist, introduces the Chinese Five Spirits & Five Elements medical psychology, and how we can all begin to understand this method as it applies to our own inner work.

Podcast notes:

  • Christine introduces the concept of Alchemy, and how she applies this method to her acupuncture practice: how do we take our own stuck places and transform them into gold?

  • Becoming whole requires that we accept the dark and light side of who we are, as opposed to trying to rid ourselves of our darkness

  • How the Chinese learned this approach from nature, plants, and the seasons

  • The 5 Elements pertain to the physical world, The 5 Spirits pertain to the a-physical world

Jaci Pearse