Connections with Jaci 03: Fun Vs. Joy


Jaci & Tamzen chat about the difference between what's fun to do, and then what actually brings us joy. Eating french fries IS FUN. But joy is made up of all the steps we take towards the true callings of our hearts, fun or not! Don’t let the belief that its going to feel good before you start keep you from actually starting!



Podcast notes:

  • Fun is short term / Joy is the long term

  • We often have this sense that we could be/do/have/achieve more but we get stuck on how to push ourselves into it

  • We dis-service ourselves when we don’t align our actions with our desires. Discipline is the solution!

  • Viewing our behavior as mildly addictive and setting up accountability structures can help support the changes we want

  • It really is the little changes that add up!

  • Create systems that trick you into new routines

Jaci Pearse