Connections with Jaci 02: Nutrition, DNA, & Ancestral Energy


What role does nutrition play in learning to enhance our intuitive abilities? Jaci also discusses spiritual information shared through plants and the beauty and healing we can achieve in connecting to our ancestral energy.


Notes from the podcast:

  • We can learn to manage our energy no matter what we eat, but it will be easier if we’re feeling good

  • Each individual body has a unique vibration that resonates with some things and not with others; eating “well” is so different from person to person

  • Our food labels don’t give us all the information! Check out: @medicalmedium or @drmarkhyman

  • 97% of DNA is considered “junk” but shamans and energy workers know differently

  • Plants transfer messages through RNA to help us heal

  • Our ancestral energy is also carried in though our DNA - emotions, traumas, the history of our lineage

  • We all have the ability to connect to our ancestors

Jaci Pearse