Connections with Jaci 04: Scary Energy & Fear That Holds Us Back


Jaci talks about scary energy, shadowy beings, and creepy visitations. She shares how she learned to approach these energies or beings from a new perspective that can actually bring teachings and a deeper healing into our lives.

Please note: this episode audio is slightly distorted on YouTube. If it bothers you, check it out on one of the other available posts below :) We understand x



Podcast notes:

  • Night time visitors - they can actually be relatives or teachers

  • Getting past the Hollywood version of the unseen world so that we can actually work with all possibilities

  • Jaci’s green monster visitor tapping on her window

  • How to face out fears - finish the story! Accept that its a real possibility that the fear may happen. Then assure yourself that you will have what you need to work with the healing.

  • Jaci shares a dream visitation from a Martian

Jaci Pearse