Sober McSober face (Jaci) takes mushrooms

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And it's probably not how you think! Intuitive connection often has very little to do with "the way we were born" and everything to do with the work we put into clearing our energetic space. We all have internal guidance, but sometimes our internal space is full of what Jaci calls "invaders" - things like anger, resentments, scars from our experiences, etc. So that when we try to connect, we can't tell what is ours and what isn't.

Podcast notes:

  • Noticing what triggers us or creates an energetic upset is the first step in clearing your intuitive space

  • Love for self and love for others + forgiveness for self and forgiveness for others is at the root of all processing

  • Self doubt is a beautiful part of self reflection and being human

  • We’ve been energetically imbalanced for so long, we don’t even notice. Doing this work requires some serious tuning in.

Jaci Pearse